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Welcome To Astornet!

Astornet is privately held and headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The company draws from the years of software consulting and software development experience of its founder and consultants, a highly experienced team of professionals.

Astornet believes that our real value lies in our people’ capabilities to solve complex problems and our tactical approach in working with our clients to solve complex problems. Astornet is also focused on our consultants’ well being.

Astornet Business Philosophy
Astornet firmly believes that there isn’t one but rather many methodologies for addressing clients’ technical needs, whether small or large. Great solutions only happen with increased communications, that is, to listen to our clients and always ask the right questions, then listen more, provide some suggestions, etc.

In conjunction with our listen and talk approach, Astornet has the knowledge to choose the right tool for the job, out the hundreds of tools in the market. Our learning process never ends since in today’s norm, technology is changing so rapidly. It is our belief that we have to continuously experiment the latest and greatest State of the Art tools, and make the best use of all available features, and successfully apply them in solving real world problems. That is without forgetting of course that understanding our clients needs come first and solving their problems to improve their business efficiency is our ultimate goal.

Our focus is on the long term, while making short-term decisions. We always do what is best for our clients, regardless of the project size and always making sure our clients understand the solution that is best fit to their business needs. That puts our clients in control of the technology that makes your business run. We are successful only if your business is more efficient.

Our experienced project managers are skilled not only in system design, but also in risk management and in setting appropriate expectations.

The Client Relationship
Our relationship with our clients is a partnership. This partnership leads to success. We often work in small incremental steps, such as feasibility studies, prototypes, and preliminary requirement analysis. These steps help create this relationship bond on both sides and create the perfect work environment in a mutual understanding to discover how their partner works, learn each others' assumptions and patterns, and develop strong communication.

We believe a primary reason why systems -- and business relationships -- fail, is poor communication. Strong, frequent communication and honest disclosure on both sides is the key to successful programs.

Astornet is your solutions partner whether in hardware integration, software development, systems integration, internet presence, intranet, and more...

Our goal is to bring efficiency to your business by solving your various requirements in hardware and software, using cutting edge technologies that protects your investment.

Astornet's mission is to empower your world and your business by providing the highest quality solutions at the most affordable price.

This is achieved by working directly with our clients as well as through local and global partnerships with leading third-party software, systems integration, and strategic business partners.