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Commercial Clients

Here is a partial list of our many commercial clients

Knorr Brake Corporation
Astornet has developed and continue to develop many web portals for Knorr Brake Corporation. The applications cover many business areas such as Account Receivables, Engineering and Returned Merchandise.

Astornet work has helped the company improve its operating processes in the different areas. The application are all running on the company Intranet and serving many company locations.

Luban Antiques
Astornet helped Luban Antiques increase its business over eBay while lowering the company's listing cost. For that purpose, Astornet designed and implemented a web application to help Luban Antiques employees automatically generate teh html tages for a listing, and insert the code in the eBay Add Item page. Furthermore, Astornet created a mechanism to allow Luabn to include unlimited number of item pictures for each listing without having to pay for each picture. Thus, Astornet increased Luban capabilites to market its products while helping Luban lowering its sales & marketing cost pwer item.

The result of this project is an increase in Luban Antiques sales and a decrease in its coit. Thus a higher company ROI.

In addition, Astornet provided Luban with DSL internet services, computer systems. Astornet established and maintained the company network and supported users in their day to day activities.

IBM – Air Traffic Control Project
Astornet was involved in setting up a network-monitoring device to help software designers test their code and detect problems. Software was written in ADA and C and the device uses Network General Sniffer. Main Software purpose was to provide system monitoring and automation, that is, Sniffer could be started, stopped, and data collected through an automated process involving SNMP.

Delta Aviation, Inc.
Astornet implemented a complete accounting system and helped the customer transition from an old system to the new. Astornet helped the customer in determining the different tasks to be assigned to the appropriate employees. Astornet then provided training to the employees in order to take full advantage of the system.