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Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality

Astornet’s policies for employees and directors regarding avoiding a conflict of interest and maintaining confidentiality assure ethical business practices in a secure, productive work environment.

Confidentiality Obligation
Astornet employees and directors may not disclose or use confidential Astornet information for their own benefit or in any way that negatively affects Astornet. Examples of confidential information include trade secrets, new product ideas, source code, processes, formulas, data, techniques and customer lists. Additional details regarding employee obligations are provided in the Employment and Confidential Agreement that all potential Astornet employees are required to execute in order to be employed by Astornet.

Avoiding a Conflict of Interest
All Astornet employees and members of their immediate family are to avoid situations that may create any actual or potential conflict between their personal interests and those of Astornet. This includes not making a significant investment in, or accepting employment from a customer, supplier or competitor of Astornet that could influence business transactions with Astornet. Additionally, neither Astornet employees, nor members of their immediate family, should seek or accept any loan or guarantee, or accept major gifts, payments or other favors from a customer, supplier or competitor. However, it may be appropriate on occasion for Astornet employees to accept or provide nominal or promotional gifts or business amenities as part of our ongoing business relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. Such gifts or amenities may include a business meal, entertainment or other types of gift or service. Whenever you provide or receive a gift or business amenity in the course of Astornet business, please tell your manager or check with the Astornet legal counsel.

Situations Requiring Review and Permission
Astornet employees may not accept a second job, directorship or consulting arrangement without the prior written permission of the president. If you are interested in participating on an industry technical advisory committee, please consult with your manager or the company’s legal counsel prior to joining. Also, employees may not conduct Astornet business with a family member without prior written permission from senior management.

Reporting a Conflict of Interest
If a conflict of interest arises, you must notify your manager, Human Resources and Astornet legal counsel.

For more information, request HR Guidelines copy from the HR department.