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Tight economic conditions, increased competition and new business strategies require organizations to look for new ways to increase their operational effectiveness and improve their overall business performance. Astornet can help; we offer a broad portfolio of both business and technology solutions.

Most companies have invested in enterprise systems to support customer interactions, but without accurate, complete and up-to-the-moment data on each customer, they can't provide effective, efficient or personalized service. The typical company has 49 applications and 14 databases; no more than 20 percent of their customer data is in any one system. The quality of the data in each system has a very short half-life. So, improving data integrity and integrating customer data are critical.

At Astornet, our consultants have the expert know-how to accurately and timely complete our client data integration that achieves a trusted customer system of record-keeping. Our consultants' develop and implement enterprise solution, hardware and software, that is a foundation element for effective customer-centric business strategies, efficient operations, trustworthy business analysis and improved regulatory compliance.

Our consultants are among the best in the business—they possess both solid business savvy and outstanding technical mastery. Our senior-level experience, combined with our innovative tools and methods produce exceptional results quickly and efficiently.

When you become part of our winning team of consultants, you will also have the ability to contribute to our client's business success. You will work closely with business sponsors to understand priorities, requirements, etc. As a savvy IT leader, you will typically identify fast, incremental wins that deliver noticeable results quickly.

If you are interested in working with our team, please send your resume to resume@astornet.com