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Federal Aviation Administration

Astornet is the prime contractor on a new FAA project: System Wide Information Management. Other primes on this project are Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Astornet is providing consulting and expertise in the System Oriented Architecture testing tools. Astornet team is to provide tooling recommendation for testing, Quality and Security certification processes, to help in the implementation and certification of the new SWIM architecture planned by FAA Engineering team.

Astornet work will result in a highly trustable infrastructure thus promoting the new communication network based on web services to be used by interested parties, such as Communities of Interest, Airlines, and other clients, both nationally and internationally.

US Department of Transportation - OST
Astornet was the prime contractor for the Minority Resources Center Automated Data and Records Management System (MRC-MDMS). MDMS is a web portal that will serve as the official repository of the electronic data warehousing and reporting system. It assists the regional minority resources centers across the US in managing day to day data capture for all centers activities.

The DOT OSDBU department benefited greatly from the MDMS portal as management has gained the ability to generate instant activity reports of all minority resources centers activity, individually and combined. These tasks were manually generated every month and data manipulation was extremely difficult and very stressful.

Maryland Department of Transportation - MD Aviation Administration - BWI Airport
Astornet new patented gate control system implemented in BWI will help the airport control trucks access into the airport fields.

The implemented system is able to instantly read airport employee IDs, truck registration card, Driver and passengers IDs, authenticates all IDs, check all parties against the TSA NO-FLY and SELECTEE lists, deliver temporary badges, and an automated truck entry certificate.

Astornet developed handheld is used by the the airport police to wirelessly check certificate content and authenticity at any time, while inspecting the airport fields.

Astornet patented system is geared to increase airport security, by closing the gap on a previously non-addressed airport security area.

Astornet had also won a contract with BWI Airport to procure the airport with its proprietary access control system to control access to other secure areas, and provide means of daily checking airport employees againsty the TSA NO-FLY and SELECTEE lists.

The system delivered to the airport is based on the:

MD Dept of Education - Special Education
Astornet was the prime contractor for the Department of educaton PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENTS online documentaiton project. Astornet created a complete online documentation system to help teachers in special education get the training needed.


The documentation was designed as an easy to use systyem, with a an index that makes it easy to navigate between the different chapters and subjects. The document may be downloaded in Word Document format or in pdf format. The download may be for the whole document or for only individual chapters.

To view the document, please visit the performance assessment pages.

MD Small Business Development center
Astornet was selected as a contractor to maintain the MDSBDC offices local area network, computer systems. Astornet provides the center with various technical support and system administration services on an ongoing basis.