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Astornet HR Policies

Astornet is an Equal Opportunity Employer that places a strong value on diversity. Our business culture is one of cooperation and innovation, with zero tolerance for illegal discriminatory or harassing behavior.

Equal Opportunity Employment
Astornet is an equal opportunity employer. Equal opportunity assures the rights of each individual employee, and that all employees enjoy the benefits of decisions that are free from discrimination or harassment. Astornet does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, marital status, family-care status, veteran status, physical disability, medical condition or any other basis prohibited by federal, state or local laws.

Freedom from Discrimination in All Business Practices
All decisions with respect to recruiting, hiring and promotions will be based solely on individual qualifications related to the requirements of the position. Likewise, all other personnel matters such as compensation, benefits, transfers, training and education will be administered free from any illegal discriminatory practices.

Reporting Discrimination Issues
If you believe that you have been subjected to any form of unlawful discrimination, you should report it promptly, as detailed at the end of this handbook in “Reporting Violations.” All of us share the responsibility of ensuring that unlawful discrimination does not occur.

Accommodations for Physical Limitations and Disabilities
Astornet will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical limitations or disability of an otherwise qualified individual who is an applicant or an employee, in accordance with applicable law.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment
All employees are to be treated with respect and dignity. Illegal harassment of any kind will not to be tolerated under any circumstance. This includes sexual harassment and other types of harassment (such as that based on race, religion, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap or sexual orientation) by a Astornet employee, contractor, vendor or customer. Actions of harassment by an employee may lead to termination.

Reporting Harassment Issues
If you believe you have been harassed or have witnessed a co-worker being harassed, you should report the incident promptly to your manager, your manager’s manager, the Human Resources department or a corporate officer. There will be no retaliation against you by management for making a complaint of harassment. If you have witnessed or been told about another employee being harassed and wish to report it anonymously, please see the section on “Reporting Violations” in this handbook for information about how to do this.

Handling of Harassment Complaints
Astornet encourages you to bring any harassment complaint to Astornet first, so that Astornet can address the problem and take prompt remedial action. When Astornet learns of an incident of alleged illegal harassment, we will conduct a prompt, thorough, objective and complete investigation of the complaint. Information obtained during the investigation will be handled in a confidential manner. No employee will be retaliated against or otherwise disciplined for good faith reporting of an incident of harassment or for participating in an investigation.

Disciplinary Action for Harassment
At the conclusion of a harassment investigation, it will be determined if company policy has been violated. In the case of Astornet employees, if harassment is established, Astornet will discipline the offender. Disciplinary action for a violation of this policy can range from verbal or written warnings up to and including immediate termination. With regard to acts of harassment by customers or vendors, corrective action will be taken after consultation with the appropriate management personnel. In all cases of harassment, steps will be taken, as necessary, to prevent any further occurrence.

For more information, request HR Guidelines copy from the HR department.