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Astornet Protection of Intellectual & other Property

Astornet provides you with company equipment and systems to help you do
your job effectively and retains the rights of ownership of this equipment.

Equipment and Systems Use for Company Business
All company equipment and systems are the property of Astornet and must be maintained according to company policy. Astornet equipment and systems should be used only for work-related purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, computer equipment and systems, phone, voice mail and e-mail systems, electronic devices, telecommunications equipment, desks and file cabinets.  

Protection of Computer Information and Information Systems
Computer information and information systems are vitally important Astornet assets. This means that the company's information and information systems must be properly protected from a variety of threats such as error, fraud, theft, embezzlement, sabotage, terrorism, extortion, industrial espionage, privacy violation, service interruption and natural disaster. It is very important for every employee to comply with our security policies, which are fully described at our
Employee Portal under IT Policies, or in a hard copy which can be obtained from the HR department.

Astornet’s Right to Inspect and Monitor Equipment

Astornet reserves the right to inspect and monitor all company equipment and systems at any time to ensure compliance with its policies and to protect its business interests without notice to any employee and in any employee's absence.

No Information Privacy on Company Equipment
You have no right of privacy as to any information or file maintained in or on Astornet's property or stored through Astornet's computer systems, voice mail, e-mail or other technical resources. All documentation, whether written or electronic, related to Astornet equipment or property, produced on Astornet equipment or at the request or Astornet, is the property of Astornet and may be reviewed and used for any purpose that Astornet considers appropriate.

 For more information, request HR Guidelines copy from the HR department.